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Pots of Paint by Edward Bulmer

Natural Oil Eggshell

Interior woodwork & panelling

Made with linseed stand oil and other plant oils. Suitable for covering interior woodwork, panelling and metal. When fully cured it is hard-wearing and is suited to painting furniture as well as interior doors, windows and woodwork. Available in all 72 colours.

Traditional, strong, uniform finish suitable for interior woodwork such as joinery, bookshelves, panels, doors and skirtings.


Fine-sand prior to each coat and thoroughly remove dust. Untreated wood should be primed beforehand, using Natural Wood Primer or  Wood Impregnation Primer followed by a coat of Natural Pre-coater.

Carefully stir up the Natural Oil Eggshell and apply evenly and in thin layers in the direction of the grain,using a round brush or a roller. Thin with up to 8 % Natural Balsam Lacquer Thinner only if necessary, depending on surface and absorbency. After 24 to 36 hours, finish by applying another thin and even layer.

For spraying, mix with up to 12 % Natural Balsam Lacquer Thinner and make sure to apply sparingly and in thin layers. Suitable for low and high pressure up to 5 bar. For airless or air mix procedures, make sure to use sparingly and smooth off afterwards using a brush. Ensure you allow 24-36 hours between coars depending on thickness and drying conditions.

Our 'trade tip'

The oil paint should be applied very thinly. It has good coverage but does not have artificial dryers so will film if applied too thickly. It is re-coatable after min. 24 hours but may stay tacky for longer in certain weather or site conditions. Many painters apply a coat of oil paint on the woodwork first then apply the emulsion coats before coming back to the top coat of oil paint.